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As founder of Rescue Pink, I have been volunteering and partnering with Pinellas County Animal Services since 2009 and also help other local shelters/organizations such as the Humane Society of Pinellas and Meow Now with media needs and fundraising.  

 My goal with Rescue Pink is to help reduce the number of euthanasias and homeless animal by promoting and helping people with spay and neuter.  Rescue Pink has helped approx. 400 dogs and cats get fixed or with vet care in the past 4 years. We also foster animals and assist in rehoming pets. We specialize in helping veterans, seniors and other people in need.

I also work on animal welfare law changes. I initiated the anti-tethering law ordinance change in Pinellas County in 2014. With the help of PCAS Director Moe Freaney and Renee Rivard from the League of Humane voters, it was updated to include no unattended tethering. 

In 2017, I  worked with Pinellas County Animal Services Director Doug Brightwell on updating the ordinance to include stricter breeder requirements including yearly inspections, registering with the county and keeping track of sales. The law also bans sales of dogs/cats at flea markets and public places, a huge victory for the animals. 

I was the recipient of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Pinellas County in 2017.

I worked with Dunedin City Commissioner Moe Freaney to initiate the ban of retail dog/cat sales (animals from puppy mills) in the city of Dunedin, which passed unanimously July 2018. 

Rescue Pink also received a grant to help  with spay/neutering and preventative care of animals in Pinellas County, and we hope to continue making a difference in the community. 

Elizabeth Olson
Founder, Rescue Pink

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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue helping people with spaying/neutering and preventative vet care. Many of our recipients are veterans, the elderly and low income, and truly appreciate the help we provide. Assistance can sometimes be the difference needed to keep the pets in the family and out of a shelter. 

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